Spardin is an Innovative Platform for interactive Advertising, Engagement and Entertainment.
  • Spardin Platform

    Spardin Technologies provides integrated solutions to brands/Companies looking to Reach – Connect – Engage with customers using new media solutions, by providing end users with a hassle free unique user interface enabling a quick return path and reducing client decision time and by providing brands with a single source of content campaign publishing.


    "Target precise customers, Maximize your advertisement reach, Minimize spillovers "

    • Apart from the traditional media, the new medias are increasingly accessed by people nowadays.
    • Mobile subscriber base of 6.0 bn and increasing
    • Mobile internet userbase of 950 mn and rapidly increasing
    • Many of the mobile internet users have used internet only on mobile 6.1 trillion SMS sent in 2010
    • Apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times
    • Many different applications from different sectors are getting smart with OS & communication channel.
    • Increase your reach using Spardin Platform. Reach all the new media users which otherwise you couldn't.


    "Provide integrated response path, Connect Realtime-Anytime -Anywhere, Get instant valuable feedback, earn revenue"

    • Just don’t communicate to your audience and keep guessing there response.
    • Provide a instant return path for your users to response
    • Enable a two way communication.
    • Get a instant response and arrive on decisions quickly
    • Establish a connection with your user.
    • Make your content available to your audience Realtime, Anytime, Anywhere
    • Strong marketing medium – Integrated with facebook, twitter
    • Flexible response path – SMS, IVRS, Web, Facebook


    "Leverage our platform to build an ongoing relationship with your customers "

    • How many times have you connected with an audience and latter reused the connection?
    • Establish a dedicated zone for customer engagement
    • Retain your audiences by providing ongoing content from a dedicated zone.
    • Push Notification for realtime engagement.
    • Integrate different mediums with one platform --- Engage from a single point(SMS, Facebook, web etc.,)
    • Provide the user with an hassle free communication interface. No need to capture & then process the response.
    • Make your content available for users in regional languages
    • Give your audience a personalized and confidential space
    • Run your customer loyalty programs, promotions, campaigns, contests etc., from a single zone.

Reach your prospects, target precisely, Provide personal solutions.
Provide instant response Path. Integrated and flexible.
Leverage our platform to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.