Spardin is an Innovative Platform for interactive Advertising, Engagement and Entertainment.
  • Retail

    Spardin’s Retail solution, help retailers reach their customers, connect with them and engage on ongoing basis. Retailers create their zone and retain prospects generated from different campaigns.

    Spardin’s Retail solution provides following advantages

    • Reach Prospects via preferred and personal medium i.e., Cell Phone.
    • Share realtime updates about products & services.
    • Multimedia content for effective communication.
    • Provide instant response path to prospects for communication, feedback.
    • Create content through Easy to use CMS.
    • Mobile Coupons.
    • Push Notifications for realtime, effective & economical alerts.
    • Retain leads generated from advertising and awareness campaigns .
    • Highly integrated marketing medium, integrated with Facebook & Twitter.

Reach your prospects, target precisely, Provide personal solutions.
Provide instant response Path. Integrated and flexible.
Leverage our platform to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.