Spardin is an Innovative Platform for interactive Advertising, Engagement and Entertainment.
  • Malls

    Spardin’s Mall Solution, helps Mall owners create a community and engage with them for awareness, promotions, campaigns, deals, contests, News, Events etc.,

    Spardin’s Mall Solution provides following advantages

    • Reach Prospects via preferred & personal medium i.e., Mobile Phone.
    • Get all the brands in the Mall on a single platform.
    • Create a community and engage with them on ongoing basis.
    • Share realtime updates about products & services.
    • Provide instant response path to users. Get good response for campgaigns, Promotions & Events.
    • Create content through Easy to use CMS.
    • Push Notifications for effective & economical alerts. Highly economical advertising platform.
    • Retain leads generated from advertising and awareness campaigns .
    • Highly integrated marketing medium, integrated with Facebook & Twitter.

Reach your prospects, target precisely, Provide personal solutions.
Provide instant response Path. Integrated and flexible.
Leverage our platform to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.